What is End Loneliness inc.?


The purpose is simple: ‘to reduce loneliness’. The task is mammoth, as loneliness is regarded as ‘the worlds hardest problem to solve’. It is also a problem which has been in society for decades, yet only recognised as a challenge in society which people are more comfortable with talking about in more recent years. Loneliness and social isolation were rarely spoken about, until the COVID-19 pandemic, flashed a spotlight on it.

CQUniversity Rockhampton hosted the very first Loneliness community forum at the end of 2016 coincidentally coincided with the 50th anniversary of the song released by The Beatles in 1966 “Eleanor Rigby” ‘All the lonely people, where do they all come from’. This song was perfect for playing at the forum, as most of the forum participants self-recognised as being lonely and the Committee really did wonder where they all came from, they were young, they were elderly, they were family units, they were professionals living alone, they were from both spectrums of the economy, they were highly educated and they were less educated, the list went on. Something they all had in common was loneliness and the desire for social connectivity to end their loneliness.

The attendees wanted action and suggested possible solutions – CQUniversity recognised, we couldn’t just host a forum and leave it at that. The Committee is committed to having a positive impact on our community by “Empowering Connections – Ending Loneliness.”

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and can be as simple as smiling at or talking to a stranger. It will take a lot of people and we need ELM’s (End Loneliness Motivators) to help reduce loneliness.

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